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Monday, July 4, 2011

Have Adventure in Buckingham Palace

As a sequel to Hidden Mysteries: Civil War, the Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace game presents the same hidden object type of gameplay with a puzzle adventure twist. This time around, you're off to find information about a long lost history behind the Buckingham Palace walls, and get to learn about its rich history too while on the way.

In Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace, you play as a part of the many visitors touring one of the grandest buildings in the western world. However during your visit, you chanced to stumble upon a mysterious letter concerning hidden treasures by an unknown figure known only through the initials A.M. Trying your luck, your first letter leads you to find one of the eight lost crowned jewels. And since the chain of clues look genuine indeed, you're off to an adventure trying to collect all the rare gems, while on the way, learning much about the palace's many secrets too.

The main gameplay is a hidden object adventure where you're tasked to find clues on various locations inside the Buckingham Palace grounds. Items are listed on the left side of the screen and you just have to find all these items before the time is out. Setting apart from usual hidden object games though, you're also to find critical clues to further enhance the game's storyline. These clues, when found, will pop out on a different window, be put into your inventory, and will be used later on the puzzle quests of the game.

After reaching the end of each act, you're off to solve a puzzle in order to find one of the missing crowned jewels. All of your gathered inventory equipment is to be used or combined to solve the puzzles, but you'll have to rely on clever thinking too in cracking most of them out. Furthermore, if you think that you can no longer find a way forward on a puzzle, a solve button is conveniently placed in your menu for skipping the game and go towards continuing your adventure.