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Friday, July 8, 2011

Review-BatMUD Game

BatMUD is a text-based RPG game where scenarios play out in words and it's up to the player's imagination to experience the game fully. It's like an interactive book only that you can make the decisions yourself when the situations comes.

The great part about BatMUD is that it is compatible with just about any computer you can imagine. It runs on PCs, Macs and even Linux and is free to play for everyone. Before you begin BatMUD, you have the option to choose the appearance of your main character. Since you won't get to see your character in action, it doesn't really matter what type of person you choose - although there are a wealth of options for you to choose from. There are humans, trolls, elfs and more that you can be with both male and female versions to choose. You even have the option say if your character is aligned with good or evil. Similarities between this game and Imperian are inevitable.

Both games are text-based although BatMUD's presentation is a lot more updated. This is because at the corner of your screen you can see the profile of your chosen character. Seeing the stats of your character proved to be very helpful as sometimes you will engage in battle and lose some health. It's an easier indicator for you to see the progress of your character unlike in Imperian where you had to type in a command all the time.

In terms of audio, you won't find any of that here. As aforementioned, the game is all text-based so you will hear nothing but the sounds of your own mouse and keyboard pressing on the controls. It can get a little boring at times, but once the story kicks in you will become immersed in the world of BatMUD. The tutorial is less user-friendly than in Imperian - mainly because the game forces you to visit the game's official website for the FAQs instead of guiding the player directly.

I feel as if this is slightly poor game design as the tutorial should always be played out within the game world itself. It's a bit tiresome having to go back and forth between different screens all the time just to know what you are doing. Maps are lot more colorful than they are in Imperian. This is because they are rendered in full color and a legend is there to tell you where you are at all times.

The game screen can be a bit cluttered although it's helpful having them there. There are separate windows for your map, text box, profile pictures and location information. Most gamers might be overwhelmed by the amount of information that is thrown at them but once you're immersed into the game world, you will be occupied for hours on end. There are other players that you can interact with during your time play BatMUD. You can choose to play within their party or you can opt to fight other players as well. The game has strict rules when it comes to PvP combat however. You cannot kill other players unless there's a good reason and mindless killing will result you in being banned from the game entirely. You've been warned.

BatMUD is a unique experience that RPG players will enjoy playing. Traditional type of gamers that like pretty visuals and explosive sounds won't find this text-based game that much fun. If you have a huge imagination, then BatMUD is certainly the type of game for you.